2022 Planner Collection

2022 Planner Collection

This is for the ones who are counting down the days till they can soar through the skies again.

For the ones who miss bustling airports, the excitement of boarding a plane, and holding their breaths as the plane finally kisses the ground.

For the ones who can’t wait to be in the air again, sailing through the clouds to your next adventure, this is for you.

Design inspiration

This year, we were inspired by the journey of traveling far far away. We reminisced about how we could be whisked away from the mundanities of our daily lives to spend the next few days, even weeks, to just discover and explore the world. Where everything was new, and fresh, and exciting, where no two days were the same, and you never knew where you would end up at the end of the night. We tried to distil these feelings into 3 different categories — the pre-trip anticipation and count down, the dreaming and exploring of the great unknown, and the groundedness of being in nature. Each planner took on a different style and our collection was born. 

Meet the family

For the first time ever, we have not just one, but three A5 planners for you to choose from, each one with its own distinct personality & style. These planners have been a labour of love for the past many months.

Together with your feedback and insights, we’re proud to finally present our 2022 collection: Journey.

Voyage: 2022 13-month A5 Weekly Planner

Odyssey: 2022 13-month A5 Weekly Planner

Adventure: 2022 13-month A5 Weekly Planner

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