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2022 Physical Planners

Will you be restocking the Adventure planner?

Thanks for your love, but unfortunately we will not be doing another print run for Adventure! Do take a look at our other two 2022 designs — Odyssey (same layout as Adventure!) and Voyage.

What's included in my 2022 planner?

All 2022 planners come with a waterproof matte plastic cover and a set of 3 sheets of planner stickers of your choice (Sunrise/Sunset).

When will I receive my 2022 planner?

Order processing takes 5-7 business days on our end, and our local courier takes about 3 business days to get the planners to you!

International shipping takes longer depending on the country. Chat with us to find out international shipping costs & shipping times!

What are the differences between the 3 planners?

You can refer to these comparison charts 🙂 If you need more advice on which planner is right for you, do chat with us on our live chat or Instagram!

Are there any bulk discounts?

Purchase 3 or more physical/digital planners to get an automatic 10% off! You’ll also enjoy free shipping with $50 minimum spend.

If you’re interested in distributing or retailing our planners, please get in touch with us at

2022 Digital Planners

What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is an interactive PDF file that you can use on your digital tablets (e.g. iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab). It is a really great option if you always have your tablet with you and love the paperless lifestyle!

What do I need to use a digital planner?

You’ll need your digital tablet and a PDF viewer or even better, a notetaking app. Having a stylus (e.g. apple pencil or other stylus) would make the experience even better!

What apps can I use for my digital planner?

Most basic PDF viewers would be able to work. Your app just needs 3 main features in order to use our digital planner to its best potential:
1) Ability to use internal hyperlinks (e.g. when you tap a hyperlink, it can bring you to another page within the document. Think of content pages!)
2) Ability to handwrite
3) Ability to add images so that you can use our included digital stickers! You might also want to check if imported stickers will be able to retain transparency or if a white background will be added.

You can download a few free trial planner pages here we’ve prepared that can help you test out the 1st two features above.

We recommend GoodNotes 5 and Notability for iOS devices, and NoteShelf for Android devices.
These apps have been proven to work with our planners: GoodNotes 5 (iOS), Notability (iOS), NoteShelf (iOS & Android), CollaNote (free for iOS), Flexcil (iOS)

Note that internal hyperlinks do not work with OneNote.

GoodNotes - How do I use hyperlinks?

Toggle Annotations off in order to use hyperlinks. Toggle it back on to start writing!

GoodNotes – How do I use GoodNotes sticker books?

Firstly, please note that our sticker books can only be used in the GoodNotes app! Please choose the individual sticker files option if you’re using any other app.

For GoodNotes, simply import the sticker book into GoodNotes. Use the lasso tool to circle the sticker you want to use, copy it, then paste it into your planner. We have a video about adding stickers in our Instagram Stories highlight.

GoodNotes – How do I import individual sticker images?

Other than the sticker books, you may also choose to go with individual sticker images instead! This allows you to quickly bulk add all the images as Elements inside the app itself.

Step 1: Open the folder of digital stickers, select all and Save to your Photos album
Step 2: Go to GoodNotes, tap on Elements (the blue icon with a yellow star on it), scroll all the way to the right and tap on the ‘+’ button to create a new collection
Step 3: Tap on ‘Add Photos’ and select all the stickers you’ve just saved.
Step 4: Rename and save the new collection. You can now easily use the stickers through Elements.

Notability – How do I import stickers without a white background?

We’ve found that Notability converts our stickers PNGs to JPGs, hence adding an unwanted white background.

To get around it, you can open your Files app in split screen next to Notability. Simply drag the sticker from Files to Notability, and it will appear without the white background 🙂

Flexcil - How do I import stickers without a white background?

A customer has told us that Flexcil adds a white background to our stickers when imported.

To get around it, save all the stickers from your Downloads folder into your Photos app. From there, they can be added as images to Flexcil while staying transparent.

CollaNote - How do I use hyperlinks?

From our testing, it seems that you can use hyperlinks with your fingers 🙂 So tap with your fingers to navigate, and use your Apple Pencil to write!

OneNote - How do I use hyperlinks?

We’ve found that our internal hyperlinks do not work with One Note. We highly recommend using another app in order to make the best use of our digital planners’ functionalities 🙂


When will I receive my 2022 planner?

Order processing takes 5-7 business days on our end, and our local courier takes about 3 business days to get the planners to you!

International shipping takes longer depending on the country. Chat with us to find out international shipping costs & shipping times!

What are the shipping options and how much is it?

For local Singapore shipping, we offer a flat-rate courier shipping at $3.50. You can enjoy free local courier above $50 minimum spend 🙂

Where are you based? Can you ship internationally?

We are based in Singapore! We can ship to most countries, but the shipping fee might be costly. Let us know your address and the items you’d like to get and we can calculate your shipping cost for you 🙂  You can contact us at or on the live chat at the bottom right corner.


Do you allow exchange/refunds?

We do not accept exchanges, returns or refunds due to change of mind.

If you received a damaged item, please get in touch with us immediately at so we can make it right!

Can I cancel my order if I changed my mind?

As a general rule, we do not accept cancellations due to change of mind.

If you made a mistake in your order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

What currency is your website in?

Our website is in SGD (Singapore Dollars S$).

Where can I find you? Do you have a physical store?

Our products are available here on our website, Shopee Singapore (physical products only), and Etsy (digital planners only).


In December 2021, our Voyage & Odyssey 2022 A5 Weekly planners will be available for walk-in purchase in Revel on the following dates:

Weekends: 4-5 Dec, 11-12 Dec, 18-19 Dec 2021
Weekdays: 23 (Wed), 30 (Wed) Dec 2021
Opening hours: 11am to 5pm

UE Square, #01-39A
83 Clemenceau Avenue
Singapore 239917

Who designed your products?

Us! All our products are thoughtfully designed by the 2 of us at Helumi, with guidance from our customers’ feedback 🙂

What's the fastest way to reach you?

The fastest way to reach us is via Instagram DM or on our website live chat on the bottom right corner.

I am a stockist/distributor/wholesaler/retailer. Who can I contact if I'm interested?

You can email us at for wholesale/stockist enquiries 🙂

Have a question that we didn’t answer? Email us at or chat with us on Instagram now! 👋

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